Sometimes, installing the game application from Play Market situation arises when some programs did not want to be deleted (a hard rezet do not with his hands), with one such toy I've encountered recently (Cut the Rope), after installation, it got into the system and attempting to remove it swore that a systemic application. At the same time, hard rezet it safely restored (mysticism). Helped by Ruth Law, climbed into the folder system / app and stupidly killed her.

     And so we need to install:

Odin 3.09Team Win Recovery Project  и  Root 4.4.2 (файл to_root.zip).

Team Win Recovery Project.
                                - Clear cache and cache dalvik.                                
                                 - Make a full backup (back up) and complete recovery.                                
                                    - Sew update kernel zip format.                                
                                     - Sew some custom firmware, packaged in a zip                               
                                   - Make wipe data / factory reset                             
      - And other system stuff

     First, set rekaveri that will allow us to establish the following rights and Ruth are some gadgets.

     1.Recovery (description 4PDA quote with the author: Vinogradsky Alexander - "SandroG")

           а. Connect the tablet to your computer using the USB cable.                                               
           б. Translate tablet in flashing mode "pov vol down" further "vol up".                                               
           в. If Odin is not running - click:                                             
                 а. In Odin click on "PDA" (specify the path to the firmware razzipovanoy Team Win Recovery Project

                     х:\...\recovery.tar.md5 ) .Odin poshurshit some time analyzing what you slipped and give

                     its conclusion.
                  б. Click on the "Start". 

     2. Now the root of the right:

           a. Connect the tablet to your computer using the USB cable.                                               
           b. Copy to SD Card (memory card), the root, the contents of an archive (to_root.zip):                                                
           c. Turn off the tablet from the computer and go to TWRP recovery:                                               
                  a. In TWRP recovery, select "install".                                               
                  b. At the top, click on the words "Storage: Internal Storage" - select "Sdcard"                                               
                  c. Below the list to find the "Root_4.4.2.zip" - choose. Then hold on the window with the arrow

                      "Swipe to Confirm Flash".                                                
                  d. After installation, select: "Reboot System".                                               
                  e. That program would be "SuperSU", has become a "pro" version - set: "Root_Pro_key.apk".

Here, try gently, remember that not all can be corrected.

A WARNING! Installing Root rights to the device may deprive him of a guarantee.