In our time, the repair - a piece bill, I want to tell you how I've had almost felled bucks for the repair of my coffee machine "Saeco Intelia". It looks like this: Вопросы и ответы, Saeco Intelia

    There was the usual, nothing foretold troubles. Just stopped grinding coffee, or rather the engine cool, but did not move the millstones, some time later reported that no grains (such as grist). We had to buy already ground coffee and fill it, the benefit of this device has the ability to either pre-ground or grind without grinding process. But laziness mother forced to climb to the Internet, Google has issued a couple of links, calling for one - have offered to come and pick up the machine to be repaired (FREE Shipping !!!) on which I stood, and the device was taken two days later called and voiced the amount of 10 000 rubles. It motivates her that I have to buy a new alternative for 50 000 rubles! ! ? ! Here is a Russian reality :( even said that it is running, etc., etc...

     Given that I took her for 23,000 rubles. two years ago, said that the repair will not pick it up, and as it is, so did he. I took such a shock and after 2 weeks still drinking coffee tucking her ground. But still too lazy again prompted me to try to deal with the problem of milling grain, I took a screwdriver, do not believe unscrewed the 4 screws and my hands turned all the knotty problem (engine, the millstones).

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     A quick glance showed the cause of failure (at the mill broke their gear which turns).


     Google issued a price :) 280 rubles. It was 2 shock! ! ! WHAT 10,000 rubles. It is clear that in the field of repair services present a scam, but that to a degree. Now there is a problem to get this gear - explain what - a store that sells it, I can deliver it for 300 rubles. and it costs 280 rubles, that is, delivery of spare parts more expensive, I do not know anyone like me and sticks like that, so it was decided to buy two gears, which I did. The epic of the delivery was still the same, but all grown together safely and evening delivery I drank coffee grinding my car.

     That's so, if you think the price is not reasonable, then do not be afraid to repair themselves, the profit can be substantial.