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Incognito surfing on the internet    
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Created: Sunday, 19 April 2015 09:30  

   Incognito, I think most know the definition. Privacy, too, must know. Browsers (good browsers) use privacy is usually a separate regime, and certainly not the default mode. Why  From the standpoint of the owner of the browser is probably an attempt to maintain a balance, private mode, depending on the configuration allows for example not to save history of your poseshenie sites (which may indicate your preferences), allowing a conclusion about you and sell this info. someone else, and so on. It goes about this, let's talk about a specific hiding your identity......

    First, about the physics of it all, to understand the process.

   So, we open the browser, enter the name of our beloved site may not be loved :) just us that it is necessary to find, googl, yandex ....... And your first lighted (with respect to why the first count will be with the outcome, ie from the end) If we omit understandable names consisting of letters (the name of the server, the page ......), the physics of this process is as follows:

Page in a browser where we stayed

IP Server, which it gave (and which recorded IP of our computer, the domain of your provider, and we have opened the page)

Our IP provider, through which we came out (who recorded our IP, and while passing through it)

IP of our company, where we open a browser and enter the site name, and who wrote the story page.

   That's physics, lines that begin with IP (for the most part, and probably accurately) are connected by wires, which means if the monitor page at the end, you find out where there is a computer with which it opened is a matter of technique, but this method is the last in calculating your location. Here, the principle of the last mile (called cool), namely, your connection to the ISP, which is executed under the law. Hiking through your service provider (IP and time down to the second) are written continuously bakap and stored for a long time. So if the need arises (or right), so then always be able to calculate the (so-circuit according to the server the page is requested from the provider of your data, and then, depending on the issue price). Here is a cybernetic hopelessness.

   BUT, there is always one thing that is easy to express and difficult to implement, it is necessary to break the link (see. Diagram of the process) between provider and our server that we visit. Communication is broken using an anonymous proxy server, in the technique will not go, I can only say that going through the proxy server you are changing your IP (do not change physically, just the pages already go c IP proxy server), and since this proxy anonymous, you or connect you visit certain pages is possible only through him, and he is anonymous, it becomes difficult. And if you go through several proxies, if not impossible, that's simple :). This I put it, the difficulty in finding such a proxy server, to assess their adequacy, in their constant change (since our paranoia), the server may still be false, the further, the less you want to jerk in that direction. Again despair :).

    There is a network that uses this or a similar principle, or rather the substitution of IP, and encryption of traffic, in order to avoid mitm attacks, called TOR and its soft tor-browser, you can download it (searching in Google, lecturing link and it became not working, try may now works ). It is installed as usual, no extra processes, no sticks, runs as a separate application in the form of a browser is very similar to firefox. Ready to use immediately after installation and requires no additional configuration by default does not lead the navigation log, does not preserve history, prevents attacks from all sorts of different sites visited, and sometimes even have to include some that would see the site in adequate form :), well, most most importantly, you can change the IP, the menu - called "new person" see. picture.

Still, if you ISP blocks any resource, it is likely tor-om you break through it. Some sites ask to confirm that you are human and not a robot, are asked to enter a captcha, enter and everything is OK. Even if your favorite torrent stopped to give you the movie, suddenly, citing the fact that in your area it is forbidden to distribute, with tor-th most likely give up.

I recommend reading the interview with one of the developers see

Something like that.