What ODEX - DEODEX files

     ODEX .
   Abbreviation stands for << Optimized Dalvik Executable File >>. The application files (executables) in the Android are formatted .apk. This container (archive) files they contain:

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    As on a mobile phone set DLNA server

     DLNA server - it is an opportunity to distribute media files on the protocol dlna within your subnet, есть such  and such  UpnpServer now also can be found in the Play market picture to watch here (DLNA server). Let's try to put it in your mobilnik- Play market, stavte.Budem swing tune.

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    How to return the official firmware in the tablet Samsung GT-P5200

     Experimenting with android devices, sometimes there is time, "Chief all is lost", you have to start all over again, I will describe the process of restoring the factory firmware, which will be updated from Samsung directly or via Kies program......

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    As the mobile phone to send videos or music to your TV that supports dlna

     On the TV as that seen advertising flick of a finger to a mobile phone video begins to show on the TV, then something about a device that tell you this is buying will be available :). Let's try to do this, by using DLNA without boxes....

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    What are the system applications can be removed in the Android device from Samsung (phone, tablet) without any consequences

   System application in android can only be removed with root privileges :) (how to install them here), you will need a program such as ES File Explorer - I use it. Remove applications, it is desirable to mind after making a copy of the folder system / app in a separate folder, preferably on an external SD (that we could recover if that), the following is a list of applications...

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