One day, out of the car I heard a nasty crunch of breaking glass in the area of ​​the left rear pocket !!! As in the joke about the iPhone :) and spine. It was the crunching of my favorite phone Samsung S4 mini. Very convenient telefonchik. A quick inspection revealed a depressing picture, here. ответы на вопросы

     Well what can we say, sadness and regret - putting it mildly comforting that when the melody he published start - hence motherboard works and possible repair will not be expensive. HA HA, and again - Moscow - Replacement Screen Samsung 6800 rubles. plus work. TOAD. Phone took 12 pieces. It was decided - will fix itself. On Aliekspress bought this set

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for 4000 rubles. and 20 days later parcel arrived in good condition. Google how to disassemble the phone, completely disassembled with difficulty, and gently (trying) separated broken screen glass, that's so neat looks

демонтаж разбитого экрана Samsung S4 mini

     Old screen on 2 sides adhesive tape, be sure to remove the remnants of the old adhesive tape on the frame mounting before installing the new screen. I do not use additional glue and tape, stuck wonderful new screen. Going back to the mat on Google (and understand), the small details, the eyes are not the same, but I used the eye of his wife :). For everything spent hours 3. And then came the moment of truth. And he still has started URA !!

ремонт телефона Samsung S4 mini


     That's right, 4 pieces - 3 hours and the poor Samsung.))))

When you try to install the sim and sd card, the phone does not start parsing seen damaged (or earlier) this one module

samsung sim sd s4 mini

    If you install only the sim card, the card works but does not define, no cards and all, again got on Aliekspress found aforesaid unit - 140 rubles. Ordered, waiting to be continued.......

     Hooray !!! unit arrived (parcel - small envelope thrown straight into the box thanks), established works.

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